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Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster has a long history; it was first used in Ancient Rome as a way to imitate natural stone surfaces inside palazzos, villas, and cathedrals. It was revived in the 16th century by the Italian architect Andrea Palladio when he used it in Venice’s palazzos. Venetian plaster – sometimes referred to as polished plaster, marble plaster, can create an old-world style or a contemporary design, can be worked to have a smooth, shiny, marble-like appearance or a rougher, stone look. This glossy, high-sheen finish is the most popular, and it is well-known for creating a striking and luxurious effect. Venetian plaster is a perfect alternative to marble where a surface is unsuitable for marble panel installation or where the cost of marble exceeds the budget.

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Benefits of Venetian plaster

It is considered to be an environmentally friendly material, meaning that your choice helps the planet too! When we apply it to the surface, Venetian plaster is exposed to carbon dioxide in the air, which it then absorbs. This turns the lime in the plaster back into limestone, which means it hardens over time – stronger walls. In addition, the plaster is made of all-natural, non-toxic ingredients and can be used as an extra insulation layer. Once installed, Venetian plaster will easily last at least 400 years, meaning that it is an ecologically friendly long solution. 

This type of plaster is incredibly versatile. It can be applied to almost any surface and in any situation!

Another bonus with Venetian plaster is that it is excellent for regulating humidity. Perhaps surprisingly when considering its hardness, this material is exceptionally extremely breathable, and so it allows moisture to escape from the substrate, meaning your home will be less hot and humid. 

It has incredible durability since the plaster coating transforms into a rock-like substance once dried, and it actually hardens even more over time. Unlike similar alternatives, Venetian plaster is less prone to shrinking and cracking. 

Venetian plaster requires very little maintenance, meaning that you can be reassured that you will not be spending several hours a week cleaning with specialist products. All that is needed to keep your plaster looking sparkling is a damp cloth.

It is an odourless finish, meaning that you do not have to worry about a lingering smell after application in your new home. This is due to its all-natural materials (it is not chemically produced like paint). So, not only will you have a striking finish, but you will also benefit from the lack of that ‘fresh paint’ smell!

This material has crucial mould and mildew prevention qualities, meaning it acts as a natural fungicide. Due to its alkaline nature and, therefore, high pH level, you will not need to worry about any unsightly mould developing.


At K. Freeman Plastering and Decorating, we are prepared to elevate your project to new heights. With over 20 years of decorating experience and 15 years of painting expertise, we possess the necessary skills to deliver the highest possible finish.

Our qualifications include a CITB certificate, NVQ level 3 accreditation, and City and Guilds assurance in painting and spray plastering. When you choose us, not only can you have complete confidence in our work, but you can also trust our team. Each member has undergone rigorous background checks, including DBS and UK Met Police screenings.

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